Olivier Donnet

We have a rich cultural heritage in Europe

The LUSATIA GLOW initiative for European integration was presented to the public on 8 February at the Press Club Brussels Europe. Following a press conference, a 3-hour workshop took place with the participation of civil society network partners from five cross-border initiator regions (Lusatia – D/CZ/PL, Atlantic – E/P, Alpe-Adria – A/Slo/I, Beskydy – CZ/ PL/ SK, Eifel – B/D/L/NL).
The LUSATIA GLOW Initiative (LGI) already has the support of the Chairwoman of the Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament Mrs. Sabine Verheyen, with whom discussions have been ongoing since July 2021. After the workshop, a one-hour meeting with representatives of the Serbski Sejm and the Brussels Slavonic Europe Foundation took place on 8 February in Verheyen’s office in the European Parliament, during which Verheyen once again expressly expressed her support for the initiative and very concrete possibilities for realization were already discussed. “We have a rich cultural heritage in Europe, which shaped our history”, said Verheyen at the opening of the workshop.
Already in January 2022, a first direct exchange with the Commissioner for Education, Research, Culture and Youth, Ms. Marija Gabriel, and her services – Directorate General EAC (Education and Culture) – had taken place on the LUSATIA GLOW initiative, which the Commission considers to be significant.
Following the meeting with Verheyen, the delegation also had the opportunity to present the LUSATIA GLOW initiative to Friedrich Merz, Chairman of the CDU, who was interested in the details and with whom a further exchange was agreed.

Press photo: O. Donnet

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