Pressefoto: D.Chmelik, repro (Screenshot) VZ

A fulminant start of 2023 for LUSATIA GLOW and SWOBODNY SPOŁK- Cooperation agreement with WIESER VERLAG Austrian Publishers concluded!

Berlin/Dresden. On last Wednesday, 8 February 2023, the SWOBODNY SPOŁK eG from Dresden, Germany – a Sorbien / Wendish co-operative and publishing house and a project partner of LUSATIA GLOW – attended as a special guest the 35th anniversary of the WIESER VERLAG (Publishing house) from Klagenfurt, Austria in the Embassy of Austria in Berlin. Represented by Dr. Hagen Domaška and David Chmelík, the SWOBODNY SPOŁK concluded an agreement with the WIESER VERLAG concerning a long term cooperation on the publication of a SERBSKA ENCYKLOPEDIJA – SERBIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA concerning a systematic 3D digital and physical publication of Sorbian / Wendish literature in synoptic translations. To this end, a specific digital portal will be launched aiming at the popularisation of the of the Sorbian / Wendish culture among a broad national and international public.

A day before, on Tuesday 7 February 2023, the SWOBODNY SPOŁK met together with LUSATIA GLOW the founder and director of the WIESER VERLAG Publishers, Mr Lojze WIESER and his spouse in the capital of Saxony in Dresden and discussed in detail the future Sorbian / Wendish publishing programme and cooperation. pm/David Chmelik

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